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A che punto siamo con “l’unione” nell’Unione Europea

9 ottobre 2018

Un piccolo articolo che ho scritto qualche settimana fa per la ONG Mistral, che si occupa di promuovere e rafforzare i diritti dei cittadini europei all’interno dell’UE.

Quattro interviste a quattro cittadini italiani che raccontano come trasferirsi da un Paese all’altro in Europa non sia così semplice e anche come la situazione in Svezia non sia tutta rose e fiori come alcuni in Italia credono.

Voices from EU citizens

Mistral has conducted interviews with four EU citizens. Here are their stories.
«I had problems with more or less all public agencies: with the Tax Office, with the Employment authority, even with the banks. Everywhere I went, I was never able to get full and complete information, it was always partial and sometimes also incorrect».
The story of Annamaria Vercellone, 58 years old from Vercelli, is similar to the one of many others European migrants, not only Italians: They move to Sweden convinced by the work opportunities the European Union offers, but they are faced with a reality that is very different from the one described in the medias and by the institutions. In practice what is a fundamental principle of the EU, the free movement of workers, is being hampered by government agencies that place many obstacles and limits to its application. Bureaucracy and lack of knowledge often come into the way of a correct application of the free movement of persons.