La storia dell’uccellino

The story about the little birdie

There was this little birdie who didn’ t know how to fly yet, and one freezing cold night he tumbles out of his nest and lands on the ground. Well, he starts going “PEEP, PEEP, PEEP!” like crazy, because he’s nearly freezing.

Lucky for him, along comes this cow, sees him and feels sorry for him. So she lifts her tail and SPLASH! She drops a steaming hot cowpie right on him. So the little berdie is warm again but he is still unhappy and keeps going “PEEP, PEEP, PEEP!”, louder than ever.

A mean old coyote hears someone comes around him, he reaches out his paw and pulls him out of the cowpie. He brushes the dirt off him really nicely and then GNAM! He swallows the birdie down in one gulp.

What’s the moral of this story?

Folks that throw dirt on you aren’t always trying to hurt you, and folks who pull you out of a jam aren’t always trying to help you. But the main point is: when you’re up to your nose in shit, keep your mouth shut.


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Una Risposta to “La storia dell’uccellino”

  1. Il Vetraio Says:

    Diciamo che il momento storico e il campione sociale medio suggeriscono di indossare saldamente (anche durante la doccia) spesse mutande di ghisa.
    Magari con bordi carteggiati per prevenire infiammazioni…


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